Barcelona Bridal Week
Show Jordi Dalmau

There is a legend around an ancestral race, whose blood has extraordinary qualities capable of conferring energy and infinite power to those who ingests it; this liquid has been an object of desire for other races, entire civilisations, dictatorships and supernatural beings.

Persecuted, harassed and threatened, the Elumm are only assisted by the Promms, creatures whose sole purpose is to protect the Elumm, come what may.
This is the story of the last of the Elumm.

The new ELUMM collection is inspired in the over natural strength that we all have inside us and that emerges when we want to be different to become irreplaceable.

With this premise, Jordi Dalmau once again proposes for 2017 his daring visual range of varied colours for different brides; highlighted are the fitted corsets or type cutaway coat, which together with wide tulle skirts, range from long to short and vice versa.

This year, he has expanded his portfolio with tight bodyshapers with low necklines, complemented by skirts and trousers that fool the eye in the Couture line, and languid dresses and crop-tops in the Vintage line.

His already characteristic overskirts are combined with these bodyshapers and corsets that create an illusion capable of raising a few eyebrows.
All of this, accompanied by rich materials such as brocades, laces and guipures that form transparencies and endless loops.

And you, do you want to be Elumm?